10 ‘Outside the Box’ Questions to Ask at a Doula Interview

Doula Interview (2)

So you’ve decided to meet with a potential doula.  Congratulations!  When meeting someone for the first time you may be concerned about where to start.  Here are some suggested questions you can ask that go beyond,

‘what is your training and how many births have you been present for?’Questions to Ask (1)

1. WHY are they doula’s?  When it comes to doulas their training and background will almost always be similar.  What sets them apart is WHO they are as people and WHY they do what they do.

2. How do they support you before, during and after the birth of your baby that other doulas don’t?  What sets them apart from others?

3. If you have a partner, how will they support them? 

4. What are their hobbies outside of birthing?  Do you have anything in common with them?

5. How do they support you if you have an epidural or c-section?  It is important to know what your doula will be doing to support you and your partner in all different birth experiences.

6. When do they come to see you in birth? Are there any limitations of when they will support you?

7. What happens if they are sick or their is a tragedy in their life?  Who will support you in these cases?

8. What do they do to stay current in the birth and parenting community? 


Also to keep in mind…

9. Do you like the person you will be sharing this experience with? Does their personality fit with your family’s dynamic?

10. Do you feel comfortable with them? Have they made you feel confident moving forward?