Prenatal Classes

We know how busy life is, and to squeeze an entire weekend to prepare for baby is likely not ideal. We also know how important it is to you that you receive the most up-to-date information as you plan for your baby’s arrival. That is why we offer customized programs for what works for you. Sessions can be done online over zoom, or in-person in the comfort of your home.

Our Private Childbirth Classes lay out all your options, specific to your place of birth. We are not here to tell you the ‘right way’ to have a baby. We are your guide to explain what your body will be doing at each step, give information of the potential interventions so that you can decide what’s right for you, and to teach your family the tools to support you during each stage. Of course many of our packages include preparing for baby with best practices for newborn sleep, infant feeding, and baby care to start off on the right foot.

Without a room full of other couples, there are no embarrassing questions, ice-breakers, or watching graphic videos from the 80s. We cut straight to the point and give you the streamlined information that you need the most.


Whether you need the basics or a full embrace, our childbirth educators will help you explore your choices, your ideals and prepare for meeting your little one. Spend your time on what you want to learn the most, without the fluff. Our classes are fully customizable, contact us to create your own unique package.

Helping Hand
  • 1 Session approximately 1.5-2 hours in length
  • 3 Session approximately 1.5-2 hours in length
    • 6 hours of education
  • 5 Sessions approximately 1.5-2 hours in length
    • 10 hours of education

Topics to Build Your Customized Program

Birth Preferences

  • You have likely heard about making a birth plan, and this session will help you do just that. Except so much better! Create a rolling plan that is flexible with the unpredictability that birth brings to the table, while advocating what is important to your experience.
  • Learn about the protocols at your place of birth, and all the tools that are available at your facility.

Comfort Measures

  • Walk away with a box full of tools that you can use to prepare to cope with the sensations of birth
  • Positions, Massage Techniques, Breathing Exercises, and what your support people can do to support you
  • Learn what to do when contractions start, how to get the most out of your epidural, and to stay calm and present during a cesarean birth

Infant Feeding Class

  • How lactation works, and managing expectations
  • Latching your baby, positions, and setting yourself up for success
  • Is baby is getting enough and when to supplement
  • How to hand express, pump and milk storage guidelines
  • Choosing a formula & preparation
  • Creating your starting plan with your infant feeding journey, and when to ask for more support

Signs & Stages of Birth

  • The foundations of what to expect from early signs to baby in your arms
  • Learn key terminology that your health care provider will expect you to understand
  • Know how to time your contractions, and what your body will be doing every stage

Newborn Care (aka Baby 101)

  • What to expect from your Newborn and what to do with them day and night
  • Bathing, diapering, burping, soothing, safe sleep and beyond
  • Learn the hands on tools most new parents fumble through
  • Add on Newborn Sleep 101 offered monthly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Prenatal Classes

Is the information covered the same as a hospital class?

Our prenatal classes are very comprehensive and cover all the information your need to feel prepared for labour and the early days with your baby. The benefit of our classes is that the information can be tailored to what YOU want to know.

What are the benefits of private versus group classes?

Private prenatal classes allow you to work around your schedule to make it more convenient. The focus is on providing information that is relevant to you and you situation. Having your classes in your home allows for comfort to ask any questions you may have without feeling embarrassed with other people around.

How do I become familiar with my hospital if I don’t take the hospital class?

Your childbirth educators are incredibly familiar with your hospital and will customize your program to discuss what you need to know at your specific place of birth. Many hospitals have separate hospital tours that you can book to take a look at the Labour and Delivery Unit. If your hospital does not allow this you can just drive over and find your way around yourself. You can go to the unit and ask a nurse to take a quick look at an available room.

How are the classes scheduled and how long are they?

We will be in touch with you to book your classes at around 30 and 33 weeks. These are scheduled at a time that is convenient with your calendar. Each visit is typically 1.5-2 hours however they may be longer if you have more questions.

Will we be watching graphic videos?

No! We know that expecting parents learn best through conversation based instruction. You are also able to google any topic and watch videos that you think will enhance your preparation. Most people feel uncomfortable watching birth videos because there is no emotion attached to that experience. It feels quite different when you are in the moment and welcoming your baby.

How are partners involved in the class?

Partners are a very important part of our classes. We focus on getting both expectant parents on the same page by facilitating conversations between the two of you. We also love to practice the tools and techniques with you both so we can build a comfort level with these techniques.

Why take a class and not just read about the information?

There is so much information out there that can sometimes be overwhelming as well as conflicting. Many of the articles are based in the US and can be very different than hospital policies here in Canada. We also find that it is great to discuss your wishes with an expert to set a realistic expectation of how the experience can go. Through television and media we have painted an unrealistic picture of how birth is and with in-person education you have guidance to the realities and insider tips.

Infant Focused First Aid & CPR Class

Many parents-to-be have taken a First Aid & CPR course at some point in their life. We all know how those skills should be renewed every 3 years or more frequently to keep the standards front of mind. That is why we have created a focused 3 hour workshop to cover the most common emergency situations that new parents are faced with in the first year of your baby’s life. From what to do with scrapes to choking, you learn it all with hands on training.

 Sessions can be done online over zoom, or in-person in the comfort of your home.

You can keep your class small with just yourself and your partner, or add on grandparents, friends, family and anyone that might be caring for your precious new baby. Everyone can use the refresher and to confidently know what to do in an emergency situation.

Virtual Infant Focused First Aid & CPR
  • 3 hour session over zoom
  • Copy of recording available to you for your private review
In-Home Infant Focused First Aid & CPR
  • 3 Hour Session In-home
  • Access to hands-on equipment to practice your skills with


Helping Hands was a fantastic prenatal class option. The two owners were very knowledgeable and we loved having the class in the comfort of our own home, on our own time. It was also great because we could ask questions and tailor the course towards what we didn’t know and wanted to learn more about – but they made sure to cover everything even if we did not ask about it! I found myself taking notes and remembering what they said after my baby was born. They were great!

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