My partner and I decided to hire a birth doula for many reasons: we realized midwives are our clinical and medical support, and we wanted the physical and emotional support provided by a doula at our birth – and leading up to it. I didn’t really realize the difference between the two until we were finally pregnant and meeting our midwives and researching doulas. Kristi and Jessica were so professional, and the level of information they gave us just at our first meeting made us choose them. [read_more id=”1″ more=”Read More…” less=”Read Less”] I strongly believe the method in which they prepared us for our desired birth plan helped us achieve it. Kristi and Jessica each came to our house at certain weeks prior to my due date, fully explaining how the birth could go and it helped me really visualize what I would be going through. I was prepared and knew what to expect – I knew what my body would be doing and what would be normal in the weeks leading up to it. I was preparing for a natural home birth and I really wanted and needed to understand my body to do it. Also having them available 24/7 to text or call with any random questions was very valuable. These info sessions also removed us from needing to pay for prenatal classes as they taught us everything we needed to know. Kristi and Jessica both ended up at our birth as my labour ran quite long, and I’m not sure what I would’ve done without them. Our midwives came at our first page, around the same time as Kristi, but since I wasn’t in active labour they had to leave – this is when the birth doula stays! Kristi had me resting, got me moving, talked to me, sat with me, held my hand, assured my partner and helped him by suggesting different ways in which he could help me. He told me that once we hired Kristi and Jessica he felt incredibly more confident and prepared for our birth. Otherwise – it would’ve just been him and I alone during our intense early labour – not really knowing what to do or what was normal! Jessica arrived shortly before our boy was born. It was a bit of an intense time to arrive and she stepped right into Kristi’s position to relieve her and was ultra calm, reassuring and a blessing really. She was able to continue focusing on me and holding space for calmness, while my midwives had to complete their notes and charts and check me and my son’s medical status – they have an incredible amount of things to take care of so having someone dedicated to just holding space for me and my emotions and well-being was beyond helpful. After Naro was born Jessica made my partner and I a snack, helped clean up, and it was lovely to have her gentle and friendly face in our home. Both Kristi and Jessica visited after the birth and answered any questions we had as new parents. Hiring Helping Hands was priceless. We read how useful having a doula is at birth and its completely true. We’re so happy we had Kristi and Jessica to help guide us through our whole journey, and I’d highly recommend their hands, hearts and expertise to any expecting family[/read_more]
They were very helpful! My birth experience in general was thankfully smooth, and I greatly appreciated their presence, their experience, and their support during and after labour! Absolutely recommend them 🙂
Jessica was my birth doula AND my post partum doula and she was so wonderful. So calm and supportive, kind and gentle. A wonderful soul. I also gifted my sister a few hours of post partum support after the birth of her first baby, and Cheryl was in my sister’s words “a godsend’. I recommend Helping Hands to everyone!
Amazing! I could not have delivered my baby boy without Kristi being by my side. She was encouraging, super hands on and helpful, and was also stern – all at the right times (“stern” has a negative connotation associated with it, but I mean this in the most positive way possible. I was having a really hard time pushing my son out and it took Kristi to sternly tell me that I can do it. It was that stern talk that helped me get over the hump to pushing him out). It was like she knew exactly what I need when I needed it. [read_more id=”1″ more=”Read More…” less=”Read Less”]I started to work with Jessica and Kristi less than a couple of months before my due date. As a result, we didn’t have much of a relationship before I went into labour. I thought this may mean that the support during labour wouldn’t be what I needed and that I wasn’t getting my money’s worth, but boy was I wrong. Kristi also helped latch my baby onto the breast once he was born since the midwives were busy with their notes and the placenta. I found my natural labor to be incredibly challenging, and I don’t think I was emotionally prepared for the birth. I truly believe that I would not have gotten through my labored natirallg if it weren’t for kristi’s help. Also, when I wanted an epidural, she talked me out of it, which is exactly what my wishes were. If I had given in to getting an epidural, I think I would have had some regrets. Kristi was an invaluable asset to my birthing team, and I will certainly be using helping hands doula for my next babies (whenever that will be). Thank you so very much, Kristi and Jessica![/read_more]
I have had the pleasure of working with the lovely ladies of Helping Hands doula for both of my children. They offer personalized support for any of your needs before during and after your birth. They made my family and I feel extremely comfortable and offered non judgmental, open communication with all of our concerns. I also made the decision to have my placenta encapsulation done with them as well. It was done in the comfort of my home and I was able to witness the process (which I chose to watch but was not required) and again was able to contact my encapsulator if I had any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend Helping Hands Doula to help make your birth and postpartum care as smooth and supportive as it can be.
Out of all the things my husband and I can recommend in terms of preparing for a first time birth is having a doula by your side. Kristi and Jessica are phenomenal! I had Jessica for my birth and she took care of me and my husband throughout the entire birth (the whole day!) When I wasn’t sure of something Jessica would be right there explaining and reassuring me. As a first time mom, I cannot thank Jessica enough! She was with me every step. Also if you have any questions or concerns they respond within minutes…as a first time mom I had so many fears and doubts but both were always there for me! I will totally have them again for my second child!!!!
Kristi and Jessica were an amazing support for us pre and post baby. I would highly recommend their services!!
I worked with Kristi and Jessica through pregnancy and delivery of our first baby, and they provided exactly the kind of support I needed, even if I didn’t know exactly what I needed at times. We met them fairly late in my pregnancy because we were indecisive about what route to take (I wanted a midwife but had to be followed by a high-risk OB). When I realised later on that I could work with both the OB and a doula, it turned out to be the perfect combination. Kristi and Jessica worked very well with the staff at St. Mike’s hospital – my partner and I couldn’t have got through my 30-hour labour without them! Having a chance to debrief with a professional who was present for my whole labour and delivery was invaluable in the weeks after birth. I highly recommend meeting them to see if they will be a great fit for you, too.
Made the entire experience so positive and would highly recommend them. For first time parents going into an unknown situation- they helped us go into it with ease and made it so incredibly pleasant with their thorough knowledge and friendliness.
Kristi & Jessica were absolutely wonderful pre and post birth. They explained everything in detail and kept in touch throughout my pregnancy to address any concerns I had. It was a stressful pregnancy for me because I was high risk, but having Kristi and Jessica gave me peace of mind. They were also lifesavers post-partum and helped me with tips on breastfeeding and how to soothe my baby. Their advice and assistance was invaluable. I have no hesitation recommending them!
Please please please do not hesitate to hire Kristi and Jess. I couldn’t be more thankful they were by my side during the pregnancy, birth, and post birth. We had the craziest experience ever, where our little girl came 2.5 months early unexpected. I was hospitalized on bed rest prior to delivery, and Kristi and Jess accommodated us and came to the hospital to give us the crash courses on delivery and bringing the baby home. They moved their schedule to fit us in quickly, as we did not know when our baby girl would arrive. [read_more id=”1″ more=”Read More…” less=”Read Less”] When I went into labour so early, it was the scariest experience. THANK GOD Jess was by my side. I was running a high fever, and they had to rush me in for emergency c section. Jess helped me be calm during all the craziness (I love my husband, but he was more scared then I was and couldn’t have possibly kept me calm). As i didn’t have time to read any baby books, Kristi and Jess were always there to answer our questions after our baby girl arrived. Thank you Helping Hand Doula![/read_more]
I strongly recommend Helping Hands Doula. The support that was provided made me feel much more comfortable and confident through my journey into motherhood. Their coaching and follow up was consistent, caring, and compassionate.
We are so fortunate to have had the help of Jessica and Kristi as our Doula superstars during the birth of our daughter. As first time parents – we were infinitely grateful for their knowledge, kindness and compassion. These two ladies are genuinely incredible people. Both made us feel safe in the crazy journey that is birthing, and gave us the support we needed not just before baby arrived, but through our postpartum period too. I can’t say enough good things about Helping Hands Doula Services, and we sincerely mean it when we say we cannot imagine a world without a Doula by our side during the pregnancy and birth of our child! xox
Kristi and Jessica were amazing Doulas! We had our first child in January 2018 and couldn’t have gotten through it without them. They provided in person, on the phone and email support around the clock for any small or large questions that we had. They were very responsive and always got back to us in a timely manner. I had a lot of anxiety about the birthing experience and what to expect, but having them there the whole time made the experience very pleasant for both my husband and I. We have not hesitated in recommending them to everyone we know!!
I decided to use a doula throughout my pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery as I wanted the additional support of a professional who is knowledgeable in all of these areas. Jessica and Kristi lived up to all my expectations! They were a delight to work with as they were kind, friendly, patient, and well informed. Throughout my pregnancy they answered my questions, shared important information regarding the stages of labour, and addressed my fears and concerns. [read_more id=”1″ more=”Read More…” less=”Read Less”] During my delivery, Kristi provided on-going encouragement and pain-relief techniques including breathing techniques and labouring positions. After the birth, Jessica spent quality time with my newborn son and I regarding breastfeeding. They were extremely helpful every step of the way. I was so impressed with their knowledge, expertise, and warm demeanour that I recommended them to my brother and sister-in-law who used their services as well for the arrival of their first born.[/read_more]
Kristi was instrumental during my delivery–I’m honestly not sure i could have gotten through in one piece without her! Even my husband was relieved she was there with us. She was calm and soothing and was the only person I focused on during my delivery. i strongly recommend using her as your doula without hesitation. She was also a great help post partum when I was home with my newborn. thank you for everything Kristy!!
Kristi and Jessica are fantastic doulas! They provided helpful information pre and post birth and were quick to respond to any questions throughout our experience with them. Kristi was with us during my birth and coached me through a long period of early labour at home. My husband and I then met her at the hospital where she provided calm support through breathing techniques, position ideas, encouragement, massage, etc. As a first time mom, my birth experience was more positive and manageable than I had expected. The doula support definitely helped make the experience more calm, comfortable and empowering. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Helping Hands Doula to anyone looking for additional support pre, post and during the birth.
I’m incredibly blessed to have had the help of the Helping Hands Doula for my first child. The experiences that I encountered, not knowing what to expect and questions that Google couldn’t help me answer were always at my fingertips with the Doula’s around the clock response times via WhatsApp The 2 prenatal, 2 post partum sessions and the night doula were all amazingly beneficial for me and my husband. The one-on-one care and private sessions gave us a chance to really learn as much as we could and ask our own questions. [read_more id=”1″ more=”Read More…” less=”Read Less”] The most valuable part of the Welcome Home package for me was the personal care that I received when I went into labour. Jessica from Helping Hands Doula really made my experience of labour and delivery a seamless one for both myself and my husband. Her presence, knowledge and experience with child birth really gave me the reassurance and confidence to deliver my baby safely and as comfortable as possible. She was by our side the entire time. I never knew I needed a Doula until I had one, now I know; I don’t know what I would have done without one.[/read_more]
Being a first time mom, When I found out I was pregnant, a million questions went off in my head about labor, delivery and postpartum. I searched on google to find out if there were any services or companies out there that could help answer my questions and be there for me. Luckily I found helping hands doula- I contacted Kristi right Away. They returned my call in a timely matter and herself and her partner Jessica came to my house for a consultation. They were exactly what I was looking for and I felt extremely comfortable speaking with them both. [read_more id=”1″ more=”Read More…” less=”Read Less”] I ended up signing up for the welcome home package and have had zero regrets. They were there for me standing by my side the entire time I was in labor and for the next 3 weeks after I went home I had sharon their night doula assist me with my new born so I could heal my body and get much needed rest to recover. SHARON was a god sent and so amazing with my baby. You can tell she loves babies so much and today we still joke that she is my sons god nana. Helping hands doula was super insightful and taught my husband and I a lot! I recommend them to everyone. They are truly the best and when I have my 2’d baby I would definitely use their services again! Thanks so much guys, my experience throughout the journey and after has been incredible 🙂 xoxo[/read_more]
We met Kristi and Jessica at the Baby Time Show when I was just a couple months pregnant with my first child and instantly loved them. We hired them a couple months later and now can’t inagine going through it all without them. We got to know both ladies during individual meetings during the third trimester. Having a couple different issues arise during my third trimester, both ladies (and our group chat!) were amazingly helpful and allowed me to make informed decisions about my care. [read_more id=”1″ more=”Read More…” less=”Read Less”] When my water broke but contractions didn’t start, I felt confident staying home for a while and not rushing to the hospital because of their guidance and knowledge. Kristi attended my labour, and again was able to help me make informed decisions regarding inducing contractions with drugs and my epidural. Having her wealth of knowledge during a somewhat longer labour made all the difference. After baby girl was born, she helped us get her latched and trying to feed and made sure we were all feeling good before she left. The two postpartum visits, and again the group chats, were so important for both my own healing, and understanding different things that were happening with baby, especially though a re-admittance to paediatrics for jaundice. We loved everything about Kristi and Jessica and will absolutely be seeing them again for any future babes![/read_more]
We are so thankful to Helping Hands Doula for guiding us through our first pregnancy and childbirth. Both Kristi and Jessica were so excellent in answering any questions we had along the way and on the day our son was born, we were both so relieved that they were there to support us and provide much needed calming guidance. We would happily recommend them to anyone!
Jess and Kristi are nothing short of amazing. We hired this dream team to help ease us through my pregnancy while my partner was away on work and they really stepping in and took a leading role in the months prior to Blake’s arrival. From answering the many silly questions we had and ultimately being right by our side through the entire delivery and the golden hours right after, these ladies are a must have for every couple looking to have some loving support when times can get confusing, daunting or just down right tough.

Postpartum Doula

We acquired Helping Hands Doula postpartum services for the birth of our second child and it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! Despite being experienced parents, juggling the constant needs of a newborn and toddler with all of our daily household responsibilities was extremely challenging. Having the doulas provide support a few days a week to help with household chores, meal prep and watching our newborn daughter, really helped maintain our sanity, helped us recharge and allowed us one on one quality time with our toddler (which can be difficult to achieve!). [read_more id=”1″ more=”Read More…” less=”Read Less”] It was so nice to have someone come over to look after this very tired Mom and give her a break for a change! The overnight shifts were a tremendous lifesaver as well, giving everyone much needed continuous rest and energy. Their breadth of knowledge and experience were helpful refreshers and great advice for us to ensure quality care for our daughters. Kristi, Jessica and team are all amazing and our family is so grateful for everything they’ve done for us. I wish we knew about them for our first born and would definitely recommend them for first-time parents and growing families[/read_more]
Our doula was a huge support in our first few nights as first time parents. She helped greatly with tips on how to breastfeed more effectively and was very knowledgeable about the proper nutrition needed to keep up milk supply. Her gentle and calming nature helped ease our anxieties and we felt extremely comfortable leaving our son in her care while we were able get a few hours rest.
I started support as early as a couple of days after my baby’s birth. Our doula was super calm, knowledgeable, and assured. I had the help for overnights and all went very well. We also loved the tips she gave us  I would recommend Helping Hands 100%.

Prenatal classes

Helping Hands was a fantastic prenatal class option. The two owners were very knowledgeable and we loved having the class in the comfort of our own home, on our own time. It was also great because we could ask questions and tailor the course towards what we didn’t know and wanted to learn more about – but they made sure to cover everything even if we did not ask about it! I found myself taking notes and remembering what they said after my baby was born. They were great!
Jessica and Kristi provided fantastic prenatal classes for my husband and I. Very informative and loved that it was in the comfort of our own home. In the later stage of my pregnancy the last thing I wanted was to attend a prenatal class and sit there all day and be uncomfortable. They gave us many great tips… none of which we read in our prenatal books and many of which we used once it was time for my labour. Would recommend Helping Hands to my expecting friends!
I did my prenatal classes and they were great. I liked that it was private and they come right to your house. My husband felt more comfortable as well. He had a page, front and back, of notes which he brought with him during birth.


I can’t say enough about how lucky my wife and I were that we met Kristi and Jessica when we did. Like many people we didn’t even know what a doula was. My wife went to the baby show and learned more about them just by walking past their display. We ended up getting a consultation for the two of us and we were very impressed and had no idea how much support we could be offered. [read_more id=”1″ more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] We were like most soon to be first parents looking forward to all the exciting and fun changes in store for us, but we had no idea how complicated things could get in a moments notice. During labour there were a lot of complications and all of my focus was on my wife and daughter. So much so that I didn’t realize how difficult this was going to be for me. Seeing my wife in pain, navigating a complex hospital system, dealing with nurses, doctors, choices that I didn’t understand fully etc. It was scary. We were back and forth from the hospital and my wife was in agony and I was getting to the end of my emotional rope. I remember this one point where I was about to collapse and Kristi put her hand on my shoulder and just held me up for a moment and told me it was going to be okay. I don’t think I could have handled it without her. But that was just the first part. When my wife was in labour it was going on so long that Jessica and Kristi had taken shifts. Jessica was there to hold my wife’s hand when I was catching some rest and genuinely made sure she felt safe and supported. No one told us how complex things could be and it was vital to have the extra help. When my daughter was born with complications and rushed to NICU I had to go with her and leave my wife. It was a split second decision that I had to make but incredibly difficult. If it wasn’t for Jessica being there to make sure my wife was okay I don’t know if I could have actually come down to a decision. It made a world of difference. We have since been in contact with them through my daughter’s happy and healthy 2.5 years of life and we have never stopped thanking them. Every time we see how well she’s growing and how well we can now handle things we are so grateful to have had both Kristi and Jessica start us off on the right foot. We love you guys.[/read_more]
Helping hands doula was the best thing me and my partner made during her pregnancy. We meet both Kristi and Jessica at the baby show and from the first second felt at home. We had met with a few midwives before this and never felt that connection with them but when we meet the doulas we felt that connection right away. This was our first child and we haven’t a clue what we where doing but kristi and jessica made us feel at ease from day one. [read_more id=”1″ more=”Read More…” less=”Read Less”] Jessica was our doula on the day and it went so easy, if we didn’t know what to ask the dr she was there for help, she my my wife feel as comfortable as possible and was there from start to finish. We are trying for a second child at the moment and we plan on using them again. It was by far the best money we have ever spent, if you have any doubts just meet with them they are the most professional and nicest people you will meet.They made the entire experience so positive and would highly recommend them.[/read_more]

Past Testimonials

Night Time Newborn Care

Kristi’s massage technique is among the best I’ve ever experienced. She’s so skilled at providing real relief from any pain or tension I’m feeling while still keeping me very comfortable and relaxed even in late pregnancy. I know she’ll be a huge help during labour to provide counter-pressure as well as a soothing touch to get me through. I wish I would have discovered her sooner, but I’ll for sure be a long time client going forward.

General Service

We had an amazing experience with them, especially being first time parents. Very professional, and extremely knowledgeable. Thanks for all you help!!
Highly recommend Helping Hands Doula! Super team…informative, caring, would definitely use them again in the future!
Lindsay Phillip
Thank you so much for all of your help over the last couple of weeks. It’s really helped me maintain my sanity and greatly contributed to my recovery and overall mood (which my husband is also thankful for 🙂 )
Joanne Allen
From when our newborn was just two weeks we enlisted the help of a postpartum doula from Helping Hands. Our doula is incredibly experienced and hands on which helped ease some of the fears and unknowns of a first time mother. Her genuinely caring personality is just the right type of warm and fuzzy support a new mother needs. I am unwaveringly grateful that postpartum services exist and can say I have become a better mother with the support of our doula from helping Hands.
Ashley Cagglianno
We are so impressed by the whole [Placenta Encapsulation] service. What a great experience!
Desiree Diaz
Their combined expertise, knowledge and support was beyond anything we could have expected. The emotional support they provided not only to myself, but to my husband, before and after labour, is one of the many reasons I will forever shout from a rooftop that you are truly doing a disservice to yourself by not having doula support through your prenatal and postpartum experience.

Past Kristi Testimonials

Julia Cox
We knew we made the right choice when choosing you to be our doula. Thanks for your support, encouragement, positive attitude and great personality! With your help it has been a very positive birth and postpartum experience!
We want to thank you for your help and support before and throughout the birth of baby Amy. We couldn’t have done it without you.
Thank you so much for everything!! You were so supportive and amazing. You truly made our birth experience as smooth as possible.
I could not have had a more beautiful birth of my baby without you.
Thank you so much for your help and continuous support before, during and after the birth of Romero! You are truly irreplaceable.
Thank you for making my first birth experience with Scarlett so beautiful and memorable. You were an awesome support and you kept me going! I enjoyed our girl talks and your amazing `helping hands` You are a beautiful woman-keep doing what you are doing-it is a true gift.
I cannot thank you enough for helping me deliver Desmond. Having you at the house when contractions started made all the difference in the world. All your support before and after the birth were truly appreciated. You’re professionalism and caring touch was exactly what I needed. Yvan and I would not hesitate to recommend you to other expectant parents. The best part is you have become a great friend in the process. We definitely will have you there for our next baby. (and they did)
Your special powers know no bounds! Because of Helping Hands support, Ed and I successfully coached our son to sleep and now he wakes up well rested and happy! Your encouraging words, not to mention your around-the-clock availability, are very much appreciated by all 3 of us! I look forward to enjoying the next 6 months of my Mat leave AWAKE!
I just can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done. You were there with a helping hand just when I needed it most…ready to pitch in and do whatever you could. You gave me something very special-Your time-and I will always remember you for it.
Thank you so much for your invaluable advice, support, and expertise with the birth of our daughter. Your presence greatly contributed to our positive and (relatively) stress-free first-time labour (VBAC). We will happily refer you to our family and friends.
On behalf of Phil and myself I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for you tremendous help during our labour. Kristi, without you it would not have been possible to have experienced childbirth so naturally and flawlessly. Your warm thoughts, gently touch, endless patience and experienced guidance made my (and my husband’s) first pregnancy and labour a super positive and exciting experience. The care your provided throughout the 9 ½ months was exceptional. Be sure, you will be there for the 2nd baby (and they did)
Thank you very much for helping to celebrate Aaron’s entry into the world and for being so helpful both physically and mentally during his delivery!
What an incredible ride it’s been… I am grateful for the day we met as you have been such a huge part of our lives. Thank you for believing in me and telling me that ‘I can do it!’. Turns out, I really can! 🙂
Jesse and I wanted to thank you for all your help during our labour, delivery and pregnancy. We can honestly say, it would not have been the same without you. We will never forget your support, care and your experience. Thank you so much for you commitment to a long labour, it was greatly appreciated! We will miss your visits, but hope to hook up with you next time!
We want to thank you so much for the incredible support you gave us during labour and delivery. You really helped me through the intense hours and I’m not sure I could have done it epidural-free without your support
Thank you so much for your support pre, during and post-birth! I don’t think I would have made it through without you!
Thank you so much for all your help and support. It was a pleasure to have you a part of this special time for us.
Thank you for all your support as a doula. You provide great resources and support
Thanks for everything. I think Mark and I both agree you helped make a super stressful labour/delivery easy to understand and work through. I am so grateful so many of my friends referred you!
Thank you so much for your encouragement and care of Melanie and Matt in the delivery of their baby boy. It was a long and somewhat difficult process made doable with your great support.
Thank you so much for all your help. You are the best doula ever!
Thank you so much for helping us to prepare for our daughters birth. We really value your support and presence, before, on and after her birth! We really appreciate eerything and think you’re great at what you do!
Thank you for helping us to bring our son into the world! We could not have done it without your constant care and encouragement. You were such a fabulous support to us both.
Thank you for assisting me with the birth of my daughter. I will never forget your kindness, support and caring manner. I would never be able to endure another birth without you.
Thank you for your help and support. Having you by our side in such an important process in our lives was priceless. We will always remember you with love.
Kai (son of Nikki)
Thank you so much for being there for my mom when she needed you. She always told me how excited she was when you would come over and help her with nutrition, exercises, breathing and her favourite…massage. We could both feel your warm and caring personality whenever you were near. She told me she could not have gone through labour without your gentle hands to guide her and us through that exciting day. We will always remember you-You’re the best!

Past Client Testimonials for Jessica Payne

Crystal Stefano
Jessica was our doula for our first child. Although my son was born earlier Jessica was still able to accomodate us. Anyone looking for someone who can ease any fears Jessica is THE ONE! No matter what fears or questions we had Jessica made sure we were comfortable. I couldn’t imagine the birth of our child without her. Jessica brings a level of professionalism on top of her wonderful personality. Very calm, gentle and definitely one you can talk to. We would definitely call her again for our next child.
Rebecca Illy
I would highly recommend Jessica as a Doula. Jessica took the time out to get to know our family and make us feel comfortable with our pregnancy and birth options. She shared so much knowledge and was always there for my husband and I whenever we had a question. Not only did she educate and prepare us for the birth of our daughter, she is an amazing support system and an incredible woman. We were able to borrow books to help further our knowledge about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. She also provides a TENS machine (if the client requests it). She promptly responded to my (many) texts always putting my worries at ease. At the birth of our daughter Jess was the most incredible support system to both my husband and I. She constantly checked to see what could be done to make labour more comfortable (her suggestions were greatly appreciated). When tension got high because the birth plan had to change she comforted my husband and I and we worked through the issues together. She supported my husband and I throughout my entire 32 hour labour. What I found most touching was several days after our birth we received the story of the labour process and the birth of our daughter. Jess took notes down during our labour and wrote a beautiful letter explaining all the little things a couple would forget in the moment. The birth of Charlotte was amazing and having Jessica part of our family and there with us made it all possible.
Idelle Ellis
Me and my husband’s experience with Jessica as our doula was more than what we ever could expect possible. Right from the very beginning Jessica was highly professional, on time with appointments and her genuine care and concern for me and my baby was prominent. During our prenatal visits Jessica ensured that I was comfortable with everything and answered any questions of mine that I was unsure of. She also went through every possible detail that me and my husband needed to know for the birth, and helped ensured that my birth plan was just how I wanted it. She always helped me to make informed decisions with great articles and evidence-based research so my decisions were concrete and I was satisfied with them. We would speak on a very frequent basis during my pregnancy, and always answered my questions and text messages with care and knowledge. She was very caring and would always want to know how my doctor’s appointments went and calmed any fears or worries I had. For my labour, Jessica came over right away and helped me labour at home with such peace and expertise; she guided me through my pain and allowed me to labour at home in comfort before going to the hospital and timed all my contractions. I believe if she did not help me through that part another outcome might have happened if I went to the hospital too early. During my labour Jessica was always there for me when i needed her and through this process I was able to have the vaginal delivery that I always wanted. I was extremely happy with my birthing experience and I now have a friend for life. I would highly reccomend Jessica Payne to anyone who not only needs a doula, but a caring, warm and highly knowledgeable young lady who is commited to both the mother and baby always. Me and my husband will never forget our baby’s birth with her, and would love to have her again for our doula for more children to come. -Idelle Ellis
Darcie Rogers
Jessica was with my husband and I for the birth of our first son in 2011. Jessica helped me write my birth plan, helped me prepare our bags for the hospital and talked to me about the concerns I had about my labour and delivery and post-partum care. Because of her support, as my friend and as a professional, I felt very prepared and calm when I went into labour. Jessica acted as my advocate throughout my entire labour ensuring that the health team at the hospital knew what my birth plan was and that my concerns were heard and addressed. She also served as a trememdous support to my husband who was nervous during and after my labour and delivery. We were so happy that Jessica was with us for the birth of our son and I would recommend her services to anyone I know who is considering hiring a doula!
Ian Tomlinson
Jessica recently served as doula for my wife and I and I have to say I don’t think we could have done it without her! She brought my wife so much comfort during her contractions and made great suggestions and provided me with direction on how to help my wife as best I could through her labour. She kept both of us calm and helped us make decisions on how to proceed with adapting our birth plan as different situatiions arouse. All in all she was so amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is expecting!

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