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It can be an overwhelming time when preparing to meet your baby. That’s why we make things easy right from the beginning.


With Birth Doula Support you will have 2 Doulas taking care of you during pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. With Postpartum Doula Support you will work with 2-3 Doulas to make sure that all your new family’s needs are covered. Everyone on our team has the same philosophy on birth and parenting as well as similar training and personalities. It is imperative to us that we are interchangeable when providing your care.

Complimentary Consultation

You are welcome to purchase any service directly online, just ‘click to register’ and the next steps are sent to you right away. Many families like to learn a little more about what is available to them, and that is why we are always available to connect. Consultations can be set up easily with direct access to our online calendar to speak with a team member that is at a convenient time for you. This is a great way to learn more about the benefits, ask all of your questions and meet the team. In many situations, choosing your doula can be an emotional decision and feeling comfortable is important. We would love to chat!

24/7 Support Starting Right Away

For Birth Doula Services, a private group chat is set up with your doula team (team of 2), and any members of your family you would like to include. This is like your personal google, only better! Ask any of your questions about your progressing pregnancy, resources, and new sensations as you are approaching your baby’s birth day. As birth is unpredictable, having reassurance at your fingertips is priceless. You can turn your brain off from racing thoughts and take comfort that you can chat with your doula team around the clock. This feature can be extended for the first 6 weeks or 3 months home with baby too!

For Postpartum Services, it is impossible to know when your baby will arrive, and the personality of your little one in advance. All supports are flexible to start whenever and however you need. Our client coordinator takes care of the back end work to put support in place with our on-call Welcome Home Support, and Postpartum Daytime/Overnight Hours. A quick email with the message “Baby is here”, and tada, the next steps are automatically put into place.

Getting to Know You

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to our services. Each family’s dynamic is different, comprised of a variety or personalities, backgrounds and unique ideals. Helping Hands Doulas are experts at providing customized care, and knowing more about you is the first step in tailoring your package. After your registration is complete, you will receive a client portal to share information with your doulas and to receive resources specific to your needs.

Prenatal Meetings

All Birth Doula packages come with a variety of Prenatal Sessions to pass on vital information to you. These sessions are not to tell you the ‘right way’ to welcome your baby, instead explain what your body is doing in each phase, information on all potential interventions so you can decide what is best for you, and to teach your family how to support you in the moment with a wide variety of tools. The focus is customizing preparations on what is important to you, and your preferences.

It’s not all about birth when it comes to preparing during your pregnancy. Knowing your options with hands on education on Newborn Care & Infant Feeding can drastically decrease stress when bringing your baby home. These sessions can be included in your Birth Doula package or added on a-la-carte. Buildable support is what we are all about!

Each educational session is 1.5/2 hours in length, scheduled based on your availability. Weekdays, evenings and weekends are all possibilities.

Birth Support

Your doula is available for virtual or in-person support when it is most appropriate for you, depending on the package you choose. You have an all access pass to you doula for the entirety of the birth process for informational & emotional support. Helping Hands Doula supports all aspects of birth, whether it be spontaneous contractions, induction of labour or cesarean delivery. Her role is to be your educator to keep you informed, comfortable and calm during your baby’s ‘birth’ day. Your doula will also assist in baby’s first feeding, whether you choose to breastfeed, bottle feed, exclusively pump or any combination of newborn feeding.

Postpartum Support

Every Birth Doula Package also includes a variety of postpartum check in sessions. These sessions range from 30 minute calls to 2 hours in length and the purpose is to help make this transition to parenting as smooth as possible. As every baby and family is different, the visits are unstructured to focus on what the growing family needs most. Newborn feeding, baby care, sleep, mental wellness, on-the-job training, postpartum recovery and routines are all topics of focus your doula will cover with you.

Postpartum Hourly Packages can be used in any combination of daytime or overnight as you need. As it is impossible to know exactly what you need during pregnancy, and even a month after you deliver, our scheduling is flexible. Whether it be for the first few nights how from the hospital, or extended support, we customize everything for you each step of the way. Many parents-to-be find that they are most concerned with how to take care of the baby and manage the new role.  She will help the whole family catch up on sleep, provide support during each feeding around the clock and put together routines to get you started on the right foot.

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