Doula Gift Registry

Give the gift of love and support that the expectant family really needs. We all want to celebrate the new addition to the family and we want our gift to be useful and memorable. Gifting support from Helping Hands Doula is the perfect gift.

Who wouldn’t want to receive the gift of less anxiety surrounding the birth of their baby? A full nights sleep or an extra set of hands to help with the postpartum transition after bringing baby home is something a new family will never forget.


Gift certificates can be used for any of our services at Helping Hands great or small. Want to make an even greater impact for the new family? Talk to some other family members or friends and purchase a whole package.

Are you in charge of planning the baby shower or meet the baby party? Spread the word to the guests at the party that the expectant family is requesting Doula services as a baby shower gift.

Choose from one of our amounts below or contact us for full package purchases here

Customized Gift Amount

You Choose

Give the gift of any dollar amount that the family can allocate to any service they choose.


Lactation Consultation
Baby eating mother's milk. Mother breastfeeding baby. Beautiful mom breast feeding her newborn child. Young woman nursing and feeding baby. Concept of lactation infant.
Pamper the new mom with support at home with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Either virtual or in-person, at a time that is convenient for the new parents.
Virtual Prenatal Class
Help the new parents learn all the things they need to know right in the comfort of their own home. Great option for families with busy schedules. Choose between 1-5 sessions, each 2 hours in length.
8 Hours Overnight Support
Give the gift of a good nights sleep. Postpartum Doulas take care of baby and the whole family to rest & recover.
5 Hour On The Job Training Session
Have an expert come and show the new parents all they need to know with taking care of baby from feeding, bathing and soothing techniques just to name a few.

What is a Doula?

A Doula is an experienced guide to walk a new family through this big transition with ease. Focus is on education and knowing choices surrounding the birth and parenting. Helping each family find their own unique style and what feels right to them.  Doulas are not responsible for any medical decisions and therefore can focus on the mental and physical wellbeing of the couple.

Birth Doulas can be compared to a wedding planner in that the doula helps to prepare for the big day with education, resources and touching base to make sure the couple feels more comfortable. The Doula helps the “big day” run smoothly by providing hands-on support and guidance.  Postpartum Doulas can be compared to an on-the-job trainer.  We always have someone help us learn the ins and outs when we start a new job.  Why would becoming a parent be any different?

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