Gentle Sleep Consultation

Getting the proper amount of sleep is something that most parents dream about. Gentle Sleep Support from Helping Hands Doula is the answer to all your sleep related challenges. As every infant/toddler is unique, the coaching is always personalized to meet the needs of the whole family. We focus on support and education to empower you to gently teach your child sleep skills that will last a lifetime. We work with you to come up with a customized sleep plan that fits your family’s comfort and parenting style.


There is so much information out there surrounding what is normal and recommended that it can be overwhelming for most parents. We will help guide you through this information and provide a gentle sleep plan that is proven to work.

With our guidance you will assist your child in learning how to:

  • sleep the appropriate amount for their age
  • go to bed at an appropriate time
  • fall asleep independently
  • sleep through the night until morning
  • take proper naps during the day
  • wake up rested
I Need a Hand
  • 1 hour phone or Skype consultation
  • Discussion and assessment of families needs
  • Follow up email summarizing recommendations on how to get the most amount of sleep with your new baby
  • Guide to creating good sleep habits -Age appropriate sleep guide in what to expect at the different ages and stages
I Need a Hug
  • 1.5 Hour consultation via phone or Skype (in-home available for an additional fee)
  • A detailed analysis of your child’s sleep history, temperament, feeding and day/night sleep schedule
  • Customized sleep plan
  • Guidance on how to follow through with your plan
  • Sleeping and feeding log during your sleep plan
  • 4 Support phone calls
  • 1 Week of unlimited email support
I Need a Full Embrace
  • I Need a Hug Package plus…
  • 8 Support phone calls
  • 2 Weeks of unlimited email support

Meet the Gentle Sleep Consultant

Gentle Sleep Consultant

Petra Nobel

Meet The Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my partner is not involved in wanting to do sleep coaching?

One of the major reasons sleep becomes an issue for families is that routines are inconsistent.

Your sleep plan will be customized to both parent’s desires and comfort levels to create a consistent plan that everyone feels good about. This is common that parents are on different pages, and we help everyone get on the same ground.

Is gentle sleep consulting the same as cry it out?

No, they are not the same method and far from it. Cry It Out does not teach your child to sleep independently, rather to not communicate their needs. With Gentle Sleep, there may be some tears, but they will not be tears of fear. We always suggest letting your child know that their caregiver will be there to comfort needs.

What is the best age to start?

We suggest waiting until your child is over 6 months of age to start gentle sleep. This is because the child is developmentally ready at that time. For babies prior to 6 months, we can put together tools for parents to sleep shape before this child is ready for independent sleep.

Can we still do sleep coaching if we are still bed-sharing/breast feeding etc?

Absolutely! That is one of the many benefits of gentle sleep consulting. A sleep plan is created after an intensive intake to take into account of baby’s feeding, sleeping, and family routines. We will never tell you not to pick up your baby or to change core values!

How long does it take until we are all sleeping again?

Typically less than a week of starting the plan. This all depends on your starting point and baby’s readiness to begin. This is why we highly suggest booking a no obligation phone consult to help gauge expectations. Contact us to pencil that in!


Your special powers know no bounds! Because of Helping Hands support, Ed and I successfully coached our son to sleep and now he wakes up well rested and happy! Your encouraging words, not to mention your around-the-clock availability, are very much appreciated by all 3 of us! I look forward to enjoying the next 6 months of my Mat leave AWAKE!

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