I can’t thank you enough for the guidance and support you provided during the birth of our first child...your coaching helped to ease much of my anxiety surrounding the birth experience. It was fantastic to have your support.

Matt, Proud Dad


With over 10 years of experience, our hands are here for you. Our doulas provide physical and emotional support during childbirth and in the early post-partum period. An experienced doula can improve your pregnancy and labour experience by offering continuing information and by working as an advocate of their client’s wishes. The doula will be the extra pair of hands to help massage, give partners a break, to get ice chips or hot packs. She is there to reassure the couple and allow everyone the freedom to express their emotions as they witness the birth of their new family. Meet our team.

I really want to thank you for the support and education you provided – it helped calm a lot of my fears about birth, as well as lessen the anxiety I was anticipating. Just knowing you were a phone call away was so reassuring!

Lindsay, Proud Mom