Postpartum Doula Services

An experienced doula can improve your postpartum experience by offering information on your newborn as well as on the job training for your new role as parents

Overall Benefits
  • Practical, hands on tools for new parents.
  • Someone to discuss your birth experience with who really wants to hear how you feel about it.
  • Give you tools such as different burping positions, quick ways to change baby and walk you through different ways to bathe your baby.
  • Partners are given suggestions on how to be supportive during this time of transition and healing.
  • Becoming a parent can be difficult emotionally.  Your doula is there to listen to how you are feeling and give you guidance.
  • Hands on tips for feeding your baby.
  • Extra set of hands to allow parents the ability to shower or grab a nap.
  • Spend time with baby so mom can sleep or spend quality time with older children.
  • Nighttime can be a challenge for new parents.  Overnight doula support can allow parents to  get sleep and reassurance during this time.
  • Throw in a load of laundry for you or do light tidy up so you can focus on your baby.
  • Meal preparation and making sure mom is eating well and taking care of herself so she can take care of baby.

If you’re an expecting or new parent and want more support for your postpartum experience, choose from one of our three doula packages below.

Need a Hand copyI need a helping hand!

Perfect for families who want short term support

$888 for 24 hours -$37/hour  //SIGN UP NOW

Need a hug copyI need a hug!

Perfect for families who want a medium amount of postpartum support.

$1400 for 40 hours-$35/hour  //SIGN UP NOW

Full Embrace copyI need a full embrace!

Perfect for families who really want to start of their journey as parents on the best foot.

$1792 for 56 hours -$32/ hour  //SIGN UP NOW

A La Carte

$40 per hour for a minimum 4 hour shift daytime and 8 hours overnight


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