Virtual Birth

In this ever dynamic world, our focus is to mold our services to match the needs of our families. As such, digital doulas were born! Clients receive around the clock support for the unknowns this life phase can bring.

Very different from a ‘doula app’ there is a real, live trained expert on the other end of your smartphone. Ready to answer questions, sound board options, and provide compassionate care, no matter what timezone you are in.


It has never been more accessible to have a doula in your back pocket. Choose from one of our three customizable packages below:

I Need a Helping Hand Virtual Package
$1400 plus HST
  • 3 Virtual birth preparation sessions
    • Signs & Stages of Labour
    • Medical Interventions and Birth Preferences
    • Coping Techniques for Labour
  • Group chat to stay in constant contact with your doulas until birth of your baby
  • Virtual support of up to 6 hours of video/phone support for labour and birth. Unlimited text communication
I Need a Hug Virtual Package
$1999 plus HST (save $150)
  • Helping Hand Package plus:
  • 2 additional Baby Care and Infant Feeding Preparation Sessions
  • Extended Group Chat; Group chat continues for 6 weeks after birth for questions about healing and baby care
  • 4-30 min check in calls with an infant care specialist to discuss feedings, routines, how to help with the baby etc in the first 2 weeks postpartum.
  • One of your choice of these services:
    • Virtual session with our Lactation Consultant
    • Virtual session with our Sleep Consultant
I Need a Full Embrace Virtual Package
$3600 plus HST (save $341)
  • Hand and Hug Package plus:
  • Infant safety and First Aid Virtual session with our CPR instructor (CPR not included)
  • 4 additional 30 minute postpartum check in calls. (1 per week for 4 weeks)
  • BOTH virtual sessions with Lactation AND Sleep Consultant
  • Virtual Infant massage session

Don’t need any preparation and have enough postpartum support already? Consider our a-la-carte option for Virtual Birth below.

Virtual birth doula support with Coping Strategies for Labour Virtual Session - $499+hst

  • Coping Techniques for Labour virtual session with one of your Doula team
  • Group chat for prenatal questions. Unlimited questions through group chat during birth.
  • Access to a birthing doula during active labour and delivery to ask questions, get advice on coping techniques and not feel alone during this challenging time.
  • Video or phone chats throughout labour for up to 6 hours.

Meet the Birth Teams

Nikole Vali

Meet The Team

Fiona Kelman

Meet The Team

Kristi Clements

Meet The Team

Jessica Payne

Meet The Team

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a partner supporting me. Do I need a Doula?

Most, but not all of our clients have a partner supporting them throughout this process. Our clients find that their partner is more involved in the process when they have a Doula there to guide them on how to best provide support. It is difficult for partners and even family and friends to know how to help us during this time. They can take the classes and read the books but it is hard for them to retain all that information. When we are in labour we also don’t seem to listen to our partners suggestions as readily as a Doula who we are not as emotionally attached to.

How does a Doula support me if I plan to have an epidural?

There are many tools available to a labouring mom and the epidural is one of them. Your doula team supports all birthing options and make sure you have all the information you need to decide what feels right to you at the time. Before an epidural there are sensations that require focus to work through. Your doula helps to keep you comfortable with providing comfort measures such as breathing, positions, massage and other tools until an epidural is available to you. An epidural reduces some sensations in labour but not always all, your doula aids in your comfort and keeping you as calm as possible throughout your birth process.

How does a doula support a scheduled cesarean section?

Some people believe that you only hire a Doula if you are having a vaginal birth. The reality is that babies are born in many different ways and there is no right or wrong way to go through this process. In the event of a scheduled cesarean section we help you plan for the birth by knowing your options and what to do if you go into spontaneous labour before your scheduled date. Your doula is there the day of the c-section to make sure things run smoothly and help with bonding and baby’s first feed after delivery. When you get home from the hospital we are there to help you understand what to expect with your recovery as well as learning about taking care of your baby.

How do I know if I connect with my HHD doulas?

Before any of our birth clients hire us we schedule a complimentary consultation in the comfort of your home. This is a great way to see if there is a connection between yourself and the Doulas as well as have the opportunity to ask all the questions you may have. This consultation is scheduled for 60 minutes in length and there is no cost or obligation.

Why do I have 2 doulas?

Life is unpredictable and birth is the most unpredictable life event that there is. By building a relationship with your Doula Team you have the security of knowing who will be supporting you on the day of your baby’s birth. You don’t have to worry if your Doula is unwell or if something serious come up in their personal life. You will be supported by one of your Doulas when the time comes. Many of our clients have anxiety with meeting their nurse and doctor for the first time during labour. Having two Doulas on your team means you will have that familiar face to bring a sense of reassurance to your experience.

Out of all the things my husband and I can recommend in terms of preparing for a first time birth is having a doula by your side. Helping Hands are phenomenal! She took care of me and my husband throughout the entire birth (the whole day!) When I wasn’t sure of something my doula would be right there explaining and reassuring me. As a first time mom, I cannot thank them enough! They were with me every step. Also if you have any questions or concerns they respond within minutes…as a first time mom I had so many fears and doubts but both were always there for me! I will totally have them again for my second child!!!!

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