Placenta Encapsulation

When it comes to processing your placenta into capsules, you only get one chance at doing it the right way. As bacteria is present, treating the placenta and keeping the integrity should be of utmost importance. Placenta when ingested is considered a food product, and as such, needs to be treated with the highest standards in food handling, and health & safety precautions. At Helping Hands Doula we only provide this service in the safest space possible, your home.

Helping Hands Doula exceeds industry standards for preparing your placenta for consumption.
As such, always prepared in the safety of your home to abide by health and safety regulations using the traditional method. Trained by ProDoula, your Postpartum Placenta Specialist prepares your placenta over 2 consecutive days and is also available to answer any of your infant feeding, newborn care and transition to parenting questions you may have. All the while you are able to observe the process, snuggle with your newborn, or sleep!

Anecdotal studies have shown potential benefits including:

  • Increase in Milk Supply
  • Decrease in Postpartum Bleeding
  • More Energy
  • Improvement in Mood
  • Smoother postpartum transition & recovery from the birth process
Placenta Package
$350 + hst
  • hospital transport kit & care instructions
  • 2 consecutive days of in-home processing with access to your Postpartum Placenta Specialist for all of your newborn care & postpartum recovery questions
  • placenta capsules (75-200)
  • placenta tincture
  • cord keepsake
  • consumption guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions


How many pills will I receive?

The number of capsules all depends on the size of your placenta. The normal range is 75-200 capsules. These will give you at least 6 weeks of capsules to ingest postpartum.

Who Picks Up My Placenta?

Transporting a human organ, and yes the placenta is considered an organ, should only be done by the owner (You!). In accordance to the World Health Organization of safe transport, you will receive a transport kit & care instructions to pack in your hospital bag. Your midwife or nurse will package your placenta into the provided container the only responsibility you have is to add ice and place kit into your fridge when you are released home from the hospital/birth centre. Voila, your Postpartum Placenta Specialist takes care of the rest.

Why is Home Processing The Safest?

Having your placenta treated in another person’s home may sound convenient, but in reality, your body is not familiar to the microbes, bacteria or possible contaminants in another person’s kitchen. The first thing that you PPS will do upon arriving to your home is to sanitize the work areas while suited up in Personal Protective Equipment and place down barriers. This reduces the chance of cross contamination keeping both your capsules and home safe. Knowing that you are always in possession of your placenta ensures the integrity of your capsules and the transparency of our process.

What are the Benefits to Consuming my Placenta?

Anecdotal research has suggested the benefits being wide spread, including an increase in milk production, decrease in postpartum bleeding, more energy, improvement in mood and overall easier recovery in parenthood. With any supplement, there is always a possibility of needing to adjust the consumption based on how you are feeling. As part of our service, we provide a recommended guideline for consumption, and check-ins with you to make suggestions along the way. Our clients are welcome to contact us at any time for questions about their capsules or tincture.

What Happens If the Hospital Doesn't Release my Placenta?

Sometimes medical staff will recommend sending your placenta to pathology after delivery for cases of uterine infection during the labour process, or any special circumstances. If your placenta needs to be taken to the laboratory, lab technicians will need to treat your placenta with chemicals that are not safe to consume. If it is recommended to have your placenta tested after birth, we do not recommend encapsulating. In this situation, we offer a hassle-free full, refund of the service.

Can I Watch the Process?

Absolutely! We are very proud of our high quality standards and welcome full or partial observation. You can also enjoy the time to rest, and we can fill you in as we are finishing

up on either day of processing. Not interested in watching? No problem, we work very quietly and leave your kitchen cleaner than before we arrived!


I got my placenta turned into pills. Helping Hands was amazing. She came right to my house and did it right in front of us. It was actually really neat to see the process. I did not take as many as was recommended ( it is just a recommendation) as I had so much energy from them! It was remarkable. My husband thinks it saved mine and his sanity! He said I was super happy when I would take one. I truly believe it helped with any baby blues after. They also make you a tincture that you use down the road. Which also was great! I am going to do it with all my pregnancies! I would also like to note that Helping Hands still continues to answer any questions I may have! I ask them things about my one year old and they have great knowledge! Thank you!! Xo

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