Birth Doula Services for Experienced Parents

Adding another baby to your family is an exciting and new experience even for experienced parents. You may have some knowledge of the process from the previous time however each experience can be a little different. Having someone to chat with about the different experiences is something our clients really appreciate. They say that having a doula with every birth is just as valuable as the first time.

Team Approach

At HHD you have two doulas that work with you throughout this process. You meet both of these Doulas at a complimentary consultation held monthly to make sure that there is a great connection between everyone involved. Our philosophy on birth and parenting is one of flexibility and openness. In our over 20 years of experience we have learned that there is no right or wrong way to go through this process. Our job is to keep you informed of all your options so that you can make informed choices as to what feels best for you.

Prenatal Refresher

During your prenatal sessions we will discuss your previous birth experience(s) to gain insight and understanding of that journey. We discuss possible reasons for outcomes as well as chat about how this experience can be different. With these conversations we will help you put together your plan for this birth. This is a great time to go over prenatal class information
and discuss what common physical feelings you can feel.


Private Group Chat

Upon registration with HHD a group chat between you, your partner and your doulas is set up. This is a fabulous way to stay connected to ask any pregnancy related questions as well as being in immediate touch with your doulas when you have any questions about signs of labour. Subsequent pregnancies can make early cramping common and sometimes hard to decipher between active labour contractions. When to get childcare arranged for your older child and when to head to the hospital are conversations we have on a regular basis with our experienced clients. Plus this chat stays open for the first 6 weeks postpartum as you navigate the addition of your newest family member.

Labour & Delivery

During labour your Doula is there to help you stay calm and grounded in what can sometimes be an intense time. Some experienced parents arrive at the hospital well advanced in labour and it can be overwhelming for some. Your Doula will focus only on your needs and wants making sure your voice is heard.

Postpartum Support

Additional support is available whenever your family needs an extra set of hands. If nighttime is the most challenging, your doula is there to help everyone prioritize sleep from the parents to your new member of the family. Daytime can be tricky with balancing the needs of your newborn, older children, and taking care of the family as a whole. Doulas are experts in helping this transition be smooth.

I Need a Helping Hand Package
  • 2 prenatal sessions approx. 2 hrs in length each: discussions on your birth preferences, comfort measures & preparing your older child(ren)
  • Group chat and email access for you to connect to a pregnancy specialist 24/7 throughout pregnancy and birth including 6 weeks postpartum
  • All inclusive in-person support during labour & childbirth
I Need a Hug Package
  • I Need a Helping Hand Package plus…
  • 50 hours in-person postpartum support
I Need a Full Embrace
  • I Need a Helping Hand Package plus…
  • 100 additional hours in-person postpartum support

Meet the Birth Teams

Birth Team

Birth Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Birth-Experienced Parents

Is a Doula necessary for me if I have had a baby before?

Every birth process is unique and therefore having the experience of a Doula to guide you allows you to go through this journey with more ease. You will have questions about different sensations you are feeling and you can contact your Doula at any time to gain reassurance.

How is the doula support different if I am an experienced parent?

As an experienced parent we are able to discuss your previous experience to find out the things that you liked about your experience and what you would like to change this time. It is helpful for experienced parents to have their doula to contact when cramping starts in order to decide the best time to arrange child care and head to the hospital.

I've heard labour is fast after my first. Why do I need a Doula?

Many experienced parents talk about how the second and subsequent births can go faster than the first experience. This is because the uterine muscle has done this before and therefore can travel through the stages at a greater speed. Since things can move quickly there is not always time to receive an epidural and therefore it is important to have someone in the room who can help you focus on getting through the contractions. During this time the medical staff is focused on getting ready for the birth. It is difficult for partners during this time as well since they are not always sure what to do to help you or if things are normal.


Thank you so much for your invaluable advice, support, and expertise with the birth of our daughter. Your presence greatly contributed to our positive and (relatively) stress-free successful VBAC. We will happily refer Helping Hands to our family and friends.

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