Top 5 reasons I love cloth diapering

Cloth Diaper Blog

Curious about cloth diapering and what the benefits are? See what new mom Cayley loves the most about her decision to cloth diaper her little one.


Cloth diapers are adjustable and can grow with your baby! They can be reused over and over again, lasting the wear of 3 babies. Buy cloth diapers once, wash and reuse, then store them away for your next child!

Material Conscious

Most cloth diapers are made with renewable materials such as hemp and bamboo cottons. You can also chose to buy Canadian made diapers (we like EasyPeasies). Eliminate fragrances, adhesives, and plastics from touching your baby’s delicate areas, too! Win win.


Using cloth diapers cuts down your amount of waste by the ton. Yes, washing cloth diapers requires energy and resources, but think of all the energy and resources required to produce and package disposables, ship them to stores, then for you to go and pick them up each time.. It’s beyond compare.

Cost Effective

Buying cloth is an investment right off the bat, but you will be saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run depending on how many children you have. A good amount of cloth diapers to have in your stash is 24.


There are a variety of companies producing adorable cloth diapers with fabulous colours, prints and patterns that can be gender specific or gender neutral. Check out companies like Thirsties, Kanga Care, and Bumgenius.


Written by Cayley Cowan, past client and new parent.