dot orangeI can’t thank you enough for the guidance and support you provided during the birth of our first child.
Having you there during the delivery helped me to play an active supporting role during my wife’s contractions and your explanations and coaching helped to ease much of my anxiety surrounding the birth experience. During our 27 hour labour it was fantastic to have your constant support and encouragement.  Thank you!
~ Matt (proud dad)

dot yellowWhen I saw Kristi waiting for me at the emergency doors of St. Micheal’s, I was SO thankful and relieved. My water had broken and I had two minute contractions. I clearly remember Kristi waiting with her small suitcase and a coffee in hand ready to go. I couldn’t concentrate during contractions with anyone but Kristi. Her help was beyond priceless and there were moments I thought during labour, “how could I have done this without Kristi!” :) My partner and I learned so much in our pre-natal visits and appreciated all the advice and experience Kristi shared. So much of it we didn’t know, and never would have known. I will always be thankful for Kristi, for helping me breathe through an experience that I wanted to be a positive one – and Kristi helped make it just that.
~ Lia

dot purpleHaving Kristi as our doula gave us the confidence and peace of mind that we needed as new parents. I remember meeting her at the baby time show and feeling that we “clicked” immediately. My husband and I went to meet her the following week for an information session because he wasn’t too convinced – he hadn’t even heard the word “doula” before and he thought it was pricey – but after he met Kristi and heard all about what her services include, he was very happy to hire her.
~ Maria

dot blueYour support was invaluable – not only as a labor support person but also as someone helping us make decisions throughout the process. Although I eventually made a decision to have an epidural (a decision that I believe “saved” my vaginal birth) I feel you did everything you could to help me through contractions. Without your calming presence I probably would not have lasted for as long as I did :) I did not get a chance to tell you this, but you seem to have a gift of knowing intuitively what kind of touch feels good at any given moment during labor. In the end my main objectives for this birth – making informed decisions, being involved in all interventions, were all fulfilled.

~ Sagi, Magdalena & Gabriela

dot pinkJesse and I wanted to thank you for all your help during our labour, delivery and pregnancy. I can honestly say, it would not have been the same without you. We will not forget your support, your care and your experience. Thank you so much for the commitment to a long labour, it was greatly appreciated! We will miss your visits, but we hope to hook up with you next time!
~ Jen, Jesse and Isabelle Ann



dot pinkAfter a scheduled c-section with my first baby, I was really hoping for a more natural birth with our second baby. I had done a lot of reading and felt strongly that having a doula present with us at the hospital would minimize the number of interventions and maximize my chances of a successful VBAC. In Kristi we found a warm, caring, and professional doula who gave lots of prenatal support and was invaluable during labour. My sometimes squeamish husband was greatly relieved to have someone around who knew what to expect, and I was ecstatic to have my baby completely naturally.
~ Stefanie

dot greenThank you so much for being there for my mom when she needed you. She always told me how excited she was when you came over and helped her with nutrition, exercises, breathing, and her favourite…massage. We could both feel your warm and caring personality whenever you were near. She told me she could not have gone through the labour without your gentle hands to guide her, and us through that exciting day. We will always remember you! You’re the best!

~ Kai (Nikki & Carlos)

dot yellowI really wanted to thank you for the support and education you provided – it helped calm a lot of my fears about birth, as well as lessen the anxiety I was anticipating. Just knowing you were a phone call away was so reassuring! Thanks again for everything!
~ Lindsay

dot blueI really want to thank you again for helping me bring my son into the world and being there beside me through it all – to this day I still don’t think I wouldn’t have been able to follow through with my natural birth plan if it was not for you. You played such a huge role in enabling me to have such an amazing birth – a memory I will carry with me forever. I hope that we can stay in touch, I would love more than anything to have you every step of the way for my next birth as well (maybe not for another couple of years though!).
~ Sarah