How to REDUCE fear and have a Positive Birth Experience


I know what you are thinking-That’s impossible!

It’s not impossible and on the contrary can be a meaningful experience for parents.

Most of the stories that pregnant women hear are horribly negative so that leads them to believe that that is just the way it is.  Most couples feel very alone during the process of becoming parents.  Usually it is not that they are really alone. Many have family and friends and the medical staff around but they still feel very anxious without an expert to guide them along the way.  In our day and age there is a coach for everything, life, business, fitness and when it comes to the most important experience in their lives, the birth of their baby, there is a DOULA.

A doula is an experienced coach.  Unlike a doctor or midwife who takes care of the medical needs, a doula is responsible for the emotion and physical support of the expectant parents.  The doula is there to answer questions during pregnancy and early labour to reduce anxiety.  They are there during the labour in home or hospital providing comfort measures to the labouring mom such as breathing, massage, encouraging different positions etc.  Good doulas are supportive of all the parent’s choices, including the use of medication when necessary.  There is no right or wrong way to have a baby whether its is at home or hospital, with or without epidurals, vaginal birth or c-section.  It is how the parents feel about the process that makes it a positive or negative memory.

Not only do doulas help make the pregnancy and birth more positive, they help the parents adjust to their new role of taking care of their little one.  Doulas have experience helping mothers learn new skills, including breastfeeding.  They are also there to help with all the newborn care questions that parents have. Sleep is one of the most important things to help get well established after breastfeeding is going well and a doula can help with that.

Although doulas come with a cost, what price would you put on enjoying the birth of a baby and feeling well supported while transition into this very important new role of MOM and DAD?  An interview with a doula is free and has no obligation.  Contact us today to see if this support is right for you.

Stay tuned for our next blog post in this series ‘How a doula can help with a medicated birth’ coming soon.