Don’t Make a Birth Plan

dont make a birth plan

You read that title correctly. In our experience we see that doctors don’t love when their patients come in with birth plans. This tends to make them think that you have rigid ideas about your birth and it might get in the way of their medical care. We do however suggest that you make a list of your birth preferences. Preferences make clear what you are hoping to have happen but also sets the tone of flexibility. Doctors love when they can work together with their patients to keep both mom & baby safe while also making preferences happen whenever possible. Read more

Signs of labour

What happens before your baby is in your arms

Unlike what you see on television, a woman’s water breaking as the sign that labour is starting only happens in approximately 5% of cases. With that being said, how will you know that your body is going into labour? Let us take this in stages, of what happens before baby is in your arms.

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