Prenatal Classes

The flexibility of our classes work well with busy schedules and allow you to focus on what you really need to learn. An experienced Childbirth Educator will prepare you and your partner on what to expect and share techniques to help you feel empowered. Couples finish our program feeling relieved and confident to transition in their new role as parents.

Helping Hands Doula offers a 2-class all you need to know program. Each class is 2.5 hours in length, covering everything from birth basics, coping techniques, potential interventions, what to expect at your Hospital, newborn care & feeding your baby. Programs are fully customized and built around your schedule.

Topics Covered 

Prenatal Visit # 1

    • Signs of Labour
    • Stages of Labour
        • Physiology & anatomy
        • Breathing
        • Positions
        • Timing contractions
        • When to go to hospital
        • Coping with contractions at the hospital
        • When is a good time to get an epidural?
        • Partner being in control
        • Communication changes
        • Pushing positions with and without an epidual
        • Partner’s role
        • How to reduce tearing
        • Delayed cord clamping or cord blood banking
      • Newborn’s First Hour(s)
        • APGAR score
        • Skin to skin
        • Signs of rooting & first Latch
        • Newborn exam & weight

Prenatal Visit # 2

    • Natural and medical methods for induction
    • Medical Interventions such as I.V, vaginal exams, labour augmentation,
    • Pain Management
    • Cesarean Birth
    • Newborn procedures postpartum
    • Feeding your baby including breast and bottle feeding
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