Placenta Encapsulation

For centuries many cultures have ingested their placenta for perceived benefits for both mother and baby. Encapsulating the placenta in Western society is relatively new but becoming more popular in the media. Many celebrities including January Jones, Mayim Bialik, and Kim Kardashian have vocalized the results they received with their ‘placenta pills’.

Overall Benefits

Anecdotal studies have shown potential benefits including:

  • Increase in  Milk Supply
  • Decrease in Postpartum Bleeding
  • More Energy
  • Improvement in Mood
  • Smoother Transition  & Recovery from BirthProfessional Placenta Encapsulation

Helping Hands Doula exceeds industry standards for preparing your placenta for consumption.  As such, always prepared in the safety of your home to abide by health and safety regulations using the traditional method. Trained by ProDoula, your Postpartum Placenta Specialist  prepares your placenta over 2 consecutive days and is also available to answer any of your breastfeeding, newborn care and transition to parenting questions you may have. All the while you are able to observe the process and be confident the finalized product will be of highest quality.

Placenta Services include Encapsulation & Tincture preparation.