How to Stay Fit in Pregnancy and Postpartum

How to stay fit in pregnancy

The Toronto Star recently published an article promoting the health benefits of exercise in pregnancy and the postpartum period and we couldn’t agree more. With May being Mental Health Month, regular exercise is a big component in emotional wellness too.

In the article it cites an opinion piece published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) that states (pregnant women) who remain active experience fewer aches and pains and are less likely to need a Cesarean or experience poor bladder control. It also mentions that not knowing what kind of exercise pregnant women should be doing is in part to blame for why so few expecting mothers are not getting as much exercise as they should. While Canadian guidelines encourage exercise they also have a list of precautions such as: watch your heart rate, don`t get competitive, mind your balance and don’t lose your breath. This makes searching for the right exercise a bit intimidating.

The search ends here!

d4b dancing women 2

Dancing For Birth™ classes were developed especially for pregnant and new mothers and are a unique blend of exercise and education in each class.

Dancing in pregnancy has many benefits:

  • Strengthens muscles without hurting joints
  • Tones entire body
  • Improves posture and balance
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Reduces risk of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Reduces risk of depression and increases mood
  • Keeps joints lubricated
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases stamina and flexibility

Postpartum benefits include:

  • Mom and baby can attain relaxation
  • Mom will regain muscle tone and physical strength at her own pace
  • Mom and baby enhance their connectedness
  • Mom can take pride in her postpartum body by being surrounded by other mothers
  • Learn tips and tricks from a parenting expert

What is a typical Dancing For Birth class like?

How to stay fit in pregnancy 2

Classes start with introductions and catching up on the past week’s events. This is a great way for moms to get to know each other and create a comfortable space for sharing personal experiences and being yourself.

The dance section of the class includes and warm up, belly dance, African, Latin, Caribbean and Latin moves to help open the pelvis and build core strength. Wearing coin skirts and using veils is a fun way to enhance these moves and build confidence and playfulness.

2 left feet? No problem!

Previous dance experience is not necessary to enjoy these classes. Everyone starts at different levels and is surprised at how much rhythm they actually have. Many of the moves are repeated again and again to build familiarity.

Included in each class is an educational portion.

Topics of these discussions may include:

  • Self care for new moms
  • Labour positions
  • Breathing techniques
  • Cord and placenta options such as placenta encapsulation, cord blood banking, delayed cord clamping etc
  • Including partners in birth and postpartum period
  • General questions and answers from a pregnancy, birth and postpartum expert
  • Infant massage techniques
  • Sleep tips
  • Gas relieving techniques
  • and many more…

Come dance with us!!

Classes are held on Saturdays in 2 locations:

11am-1230pm-Vaughan (Yoga On Seven)

4pm-530pm-Markham (Attitudes Master Class)