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What Do I Really Want On My Registry?


The funny thing about being first time parents-to-be is you think you need the entire baby store when bringing home baby. The best stroller, the latest swing, and that fancy pants wipe warmer. Fast forward a few months and most of the clothes were never worn and most of the baby gear is still in boxes or left untouched.

So what is the most important thing parents want? Read more

Healthy Sleep Tips for Dads-Written by a Dad

dad and sleepiong baby

Everyone has heard the stories of a Mom and Dad having a “good” Baby . The Baby sleeps through the night and is a dream to feed .

What if this is not the case ?

The Baby wakes up at all hours and the frustration begins . Mom is on maternity leave and needs time to recover to a smooth routine , while Dad has to get up for work in the morning and be functioning . Mom needs Dad and Dad needs Mom .

How can a Dad contribute to a Baby’s healthy sleeping routine and maintain the team effort :

  • Sleep when you can-If your baby is napping and you have some free time in between household chores , errands etc. take a nap to catch up on sleep . Be opportunistic when it comes to sleep .
  • Limit caffeine intake-It’s very tempting ( and easy ) to overcompensate for lack of sleep by drinking a lot of coffee or energy drinks . Don’t do it ! Large amounts of coffee will disrupt your sleep pattern even more , making a good sleep harder to maintain .
  • Take turns or ask for help-If your baby is having trouble sleeping and one parent is up , if possible , trade off shifts or nights, so at least one parent is getting a few hours of – or a good night of sleep . Don’t be afraid to ask your partner – or a support system – for help if lack of sleep is becoming a problem area .
  • Invest in some ‘me time’-New parents have a lot going on , but it’s important to take some personal time to unwind and get your body and mind ready for sleep , even if it’s just for a few hours .
  • Be supportive-Generally speaking , a newborn can be harder on the Mom than on the Dad . Be supportive of each other as you make the parental transition .
… a Dad
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