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Benefits of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

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Pelvic floor physiotherapy (PT) is a specialized type of physiotherapy that has been growing in popularity over the last number of years. In fact, in France, Belgium, and many other countries, pelvic floor rehabilitation is a typical component of postpartum care, for every women that has a baby.

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Interview with a Lactation Consultant-Part 2

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Continuation from Interview with a Lactation Consultant Part 1

How do I know if I’m receiving good breast feeding support from the hospital staff or clinic?​

​Great question. If you are being shown how to tell when the baby is drinking versus just looking for food and then how to keep baby drinking, then that is the best start. Being shown to look to your baby and what to look for is so integral. If you are being given advice that has you focused on timing feedings, webpage or book, then I would seek further help. Also, if you are told your nipples are too flat or inverted or your baby is not “good enough” to feed, then please seek out more supportive advice.
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