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Why we DO-ula


So often we are asked why we do what we do. Being a Doula is quite a unique profession. We work at all hours of the day and night, see clients at their best and most vulnerable, and share such a strong bond at the end of it all. There are so many reasons why we love what we do and here are the top 5:

Doulas decrease your anxiety and fear.

Going through pregnancy, childbirth and bringing baby home can cause quite a bit of worry for most expectant and new parents. Having someone who is an experienced guide walk you through an unknown experience makes the whole thing easier to manage. Having a birth or postpartum Doula guide you through the pregnancy and early weeks with baby helps to ease a lot of concerns that you many have. This allows you to relax, let go and enjoy the experience of welcoming your baby into the world. Read more

SuperDAD-How to Connect with your New Baby

superdad blop photo

Gone are the days where dads were expected to go to work, come home, play with their child for 10 minutes and that’s it. Today dads are expected, and wanting, to be more of an active participant in raising their children. The positive effect is that dads are creating much stronger bonds with their children than ever before. The big question is how does a new dad connect with their newborn? There are many who find it difficult to bond with their child until they are old enough to play together.

Here are some tips to build a bond with your baby early:

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