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What Do I Really Want On My Registry?


The funny thing about being first time parents-to-be is you think you need the entire baby store when bringing home baby. The best stroller, the latest swing, and that fancy pants wipe warmer. Fast forward a few months and most of the clothes were never worn and most of the baby gear is still in boxes or left untouched.

So what is the most important thing parents want? Read more


I don't want to be Wonder Woman

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. Naturally, my news feed was bombarded by photos of Wonder Woman (a character whom many view as a symbol of strength for women everywhere). However, if I may be completely honest, it pissed me off, and I will tell you why.

I love symbols and ideas which encompass and represent the strength, and empowerment of women, and I am so glad that we have a day to celebrate, and recognize them for how wonderful they are.  With that being said, what I am opposed to are the ideals and misconceptions many people have created – the unrealistic portrayal of a strong woman.  The idea that a strong woman is one that keeps it all together, doesn’t show weakness, is everything to everyone, and has a perfect body on top of it all. Personally, I feel like representations such as these paint a picture that doesn’t reveal the true story. Instead, I would like to share some thoughts on what I believe to be the elements that define an individual of true strength. Read more