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Interview with a Lactation Consultant (Part 1)

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When our clients need more than the typical learning curve of breastfeeding support, we refer directly to the best clinic in the city,  The Victoria Park Breastfeeding Clinic. Visits both prenatally or during postpartum are covered by OHIP with the referral of your doctor or midwife. The clinic is run by the amazing Shelly Plewes (IBCLC), who is truly gifted in the support she provides. Aside from her clinical work, she teaches breastfeeding to medical students at The University of Toronto and midwifery students at Ryerson & Laurentian.

Read on to learn how your can best prepare for your breastfeeding relationship with you baby and how to navigate this new skill.

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What a Doula IS NOT.


Do you really know what a doula does?

Being a doula for over 10 years and participating in more Baby Shows than I can count, I have encountered first hand that most people don’t know what doulas do.  If someone has heard of doulas, they usually have heard ‘rumors’ and not accurate information.  Let me clear up a few of the more common misconseptions. Read more