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Help! Motherisk shut down, who do I contact?

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In the last few decades we have relied on the amazing resource of Motherisk, funded by The Hospital for Sick Kids. The website and helpline could be accessed 24/7 and was the go-to for both expecting & new parents as well as many health professionals. The most up to date information on the safety of medications & supplements in pregnancy and breastfeeding could be accessed around the clock. From which over the counter cold medications, prescription medications, vitamins, foods, and teas could all be checked.


Why is this important?

When looking at the label of a medication or supplement, it will routinely be written to consult a doctor before using if pregnant or breastfeeding. This label doesn’t mean that the product is necessarily unsafe. It means that the testing of the product varies in the type of  classification on study type and risk level. For the general public, accessing the information necessary to decide if the product is safe can be challenging to sort through and understand what the information means to them.

The database of Motherisk organized this information with the most up-to-date studys and was incredibly user friendly. This resource was also helpful for doctors & midwives to sort through the thousands of products on the market.


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Interview with a Lactation Consultant-Part 2

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Continuation from Interview with a Lactation Consultant Part 1

How do I know if I’m receiving good breast feeding support from the hospital staff or clinic?​

​Great question. If you are being shown how to tell when the baby is drinking versus just looking for food and then how to keep baby drinking, then that is the best start. Being shown to look to your baby and what to look for is so integral. If you are being given advice that has you focused on timing feedings, webpage or book, then I would seek further help. Also, if you are told your nipples are too flat or inverted or your baby is not “good enough” to feed, then please seek out more supportive advice.
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