Canadian Inspired Baby Names

Canada 150 Blog

Happy 150th Birthday Canada! We truly live in an amazing country rich of culture, history and pride. Your baby’s name could be found with some national inspiration!

Some of our favourites include:

Anne-From the famous novel turned musical and motion picture, Anne of Green Gables, is definitely a top runner. Based in Prince Edward Island, the main character is a national sweetheart.

Mackenzie-The perfect gender neutral baby name is inspired by the Mackenzie River, the largest river in Canada. Also the last name of our Second Prime Minister to boot!

Timothy– We HAD to mention this one! Who doesn’t connect Timmies coffee with Canadian Culture?

Emily-If you haven’t seen the work of Emily Carr, you don’t know what you are missing. Working alongside the Group of Seven, Emily is famed the best artist of her generation.

Wilfred-Typically thought as more of a masculine name from Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier, is a lovely name for a little girl too.

Margaret– this classic name is brought to you by Margaret Atwood, one of Canada’s most iconic current authors. Her name is trending with the hit series, The Handmaid’s Tale, based on her work.

Charles-or variations like Charlotte, Charlie, and Lottie are very on trend while staying timeless. Acknowledging our British Connection with Prince Charles and the capital city of Prince Edward Island.

Hope– Have you been to the Hopewell Rocks? A national site that has been carved over time by the unique tides of New Brunswick is definitely a site to see! Hope is an excellent choice for a first or middle name.

Frederick-we love these old-style names making a huge comeback! Frederickton is the capital of New Brunswick, the gateway of the Atlantic provinces. Variations like Freddy and Richard are great choices as well.

Nova-Looking for something a little different? The latin translation meaning ‘new’ or ‘young’, is a fun spin from the province of Nova Scotia.

Elora– A Torontonian weekend getaway can be found in Elora Gorge. Beautiful landscape for hiking or taking a ride along the gorge in a water-tube is so much fun! This name has a lovely ring to it!

David-who doesn’t love The Nature of Things with David Suzuki? The direct hebrew translation is ‘friend’, which is exactly what we think of when we listen to this Canadian Celebrity!

Hudson– Gaining in popularity, the name comes from Hudson’s Bay and the notable Hudson’s Bay Company. Don’t be surprised if you meet quite a few parents thinking of this one!

Quinn– Or Quinton is a fun spin off of Algonquin Park located in Ontario. This park is a popular landmark to portage, camp, or even drive through for the beautiful scenery!

Meridian– Gordon Downy from The Tragically Hip has sparked this unique name with the famous song “At the Hundredth Meridian”. With the lyrics, “… a line of longitude that separates much of Western Canada from the Central and Atlantic regions of Canada and is where the Great Plains begin..” You can’t get much more Canadian, Eh?