Apps we love for Pregnancy

Pregnancy Apps

‘There’s an App for that!’  This comment is true for everything in our lives and pregnancy is no different. Apps are a great way to organize and learn on a daily basis. As experts in the field of pregnancy, we thought we would share our top 5 Apps that we find the most helpful to our expecting clients.

The Bump Pregnancy Countdown

Who doesn’t want to know what size fruit their baby is at the different times throughout their pregnancy? This app allows you to keep track of what your baby is doing developmentally and what is coming up. The 3D visualization of your baby is also a really cool feature. Planner, answers to common questions, registry help and belly and baby photo albums are also great features of this app.

The Bump

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Secondary Infertility. What you need to Know.

second fertility blog

We have all heard about Infertility, but what is Secondary Infertility?

Secondary infertility refers to a person with a uterus who previously carried a pregnancy to term and had a successful live birth, but now is unable to become pregnant or carry a pregnancy to term. At the time of writing this, Statistics Canada does not provide a differentiation between rates of primary versus secondary infertility, making it difficult to estimate the prevalence across Canada. One recent study in the Lancet found that approximately 9-12% of women who became pregnant easily the first time will experience secondary infertility.

Dr. Laura von Hagen


We are joined by Dr. Laura von Hagen, Naturopathic Doctor, to answer your questions regarding secondary infertility and what to be aware of.

What are some tips you suggest when a family is trying for the second baby?

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