Colds and Pregnancy

sick pregnant mother

It’s cold and flu season again but this time you’re pregnant.  You’ve heard of all the thing not to do but are not sure the things you can do. Here are a few tips to get you through the season as best we can.

1: Boost your immunity.  Pregnancy naturally lowers your immunity so it make us more susceptible to the illnesses going around.  In addition to your daily multivitamin, take vitamin C and D, Echinacea and ginger.  You may still get sick but hopefully your body will be able to fight it faster. Read more

What a Doula IS NOT.


Do you really know what a doula does?

Being a doula for over 10 years and participating in more Baby Shows than I can count, I have encountered first hand that most people don’t know what doulas do.  If someone has heard of doulas, they usually have heard ‘rumors’ and not accurate information.  Let me clear up a few of the more common misconseptions. Read more