Apps we love for Pregnancy

Pregnancy Apps

‘There’s an App for that!’  This comment is true for everything in our lives and pregnancy is no different. Apps are a great way to organize and learn on a daily basis. As experts in the field of pregnancy, we thought we would share our top 5 Apps that we find the most helpful to our expecting clients.

The Bump Pregnancy Countdown

Who doesn’t want to know what size fruit their baby is at the different times throughout their pregnancy? This app allows you to keep track of what your baby is doing developmentally and what is coming up. The 3D visualization of your baby is also a really cool feature. Planner, answers to common questions, registry help and belly and baby photo albums are also great features of this app.

The Bump

I’m Expecting Pregnancy App

This app has videos, articles and tips but also connects to your other apps such as Fitbit, jawbone, iHealth and HealthKit. Pregnancy communities is a great way to ask questions to other moms and not feel like you are the only crazy one 😉


50,000 Baby Name

Naming your baby is one of the hardest things our clients face in their pregnancy. We know it sounds silly but naming your baby is a big responsibility. It will stay with them for life-literally!  This app gives so many ideas to get your brain going and helping to select the perfect name. It also lets you connect with family and friends for their suggestions…if you want them.

baby names


Everyone and their sister is talking about how important mindfulness and meditation is for our health especially during pregnancy.  The problem is that most of us have no clue how to begin to quiet our minds. The Calm app is great for people new to meditating or if you want to take your meditation time to the next level. Learning how to stay calm and take quiet time for yourself in pregnancy has a huge effect on labour and carries into the postpartum period as well. We simply love this app! Can you tell?



Timing contractions is something most of our clients have questions about and this app simplifies the experience. Press the button when the contraction starts and press it again when the contraction stops.  So simple and easy. When your Doula asks you how far apart your contractions are you will be able to let her know exactly what is going on.



Building your village of support has never been easier. This locally made App, was designed by fellow Doula, Nurse, and Mom to help others connect within their own community. You are able to ask ANY question with complete anonyminity, and change your location settings when moving or travelling. Receive tips from other parents and professionals, and jump in the conversation! Added bonus is a complete interactive website, with recent blog articles and online preparatory courses including; The Fearless Caesarean coming soon.













There are so many other great apps out there that help from mental and physical health to connecting with other communities.  We encourage you to try them out and let us know the ones you like the best.